Frequently Asked Questions by Cash-A-Check in Lancaster, PA

Cashing Fees

Q: Can I cash my check here, and are there any fees?
A: Yes, we accept any checks except for personal checks, and there are fees that apply. The fees are regulated by the Department of Banking, and there are convenient fees charts located between each window in our lobby.

Paying Bills

Q: Can I pay my bills here?
A: Yes of course. We pay all bills except for local bills, like city taxes, water, and sewer. There is a $2.50 charge to pay your bill and it will post next day so your credit won't be affected for being late or there is a $1.75 for one week posting.

Se Habla Español

Q: Do you have anyone that speaks Spanish?
Yes, everyone at Cash-A-Check is bilingual and ready to answer any questions and to assist you with all of your check cashing needs.